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Ceramic brick is used in both residential and commercial building projects. Since 1946, Cloud Ceramics has produced top quality, fine-face ceramic bricks for architectural and residential construction that far exceed both specifications and expectations. We offer a great variety of colors and styles to suit any project. Our talented, experienced employees are the cornerstone on which this successful company has been built.


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Every combination of our brick and grout colors is available for download in a CAD-ready format. Impress your clients today with fine brick selections from Cloud Ceramics.



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Face Brick

Face brick is the term used for brick that is not necessarily needed to support the structure of the building, but is used more for the look that it provides. Face Brick also provides value and energy efficiency . You've likely seen face brick on homes, commercial buildings, fire places, backsplashes, entry walls/gates, multi-family developments, retail developments and schools/universities.

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Thin Brick

Thin brick can be used to enhance the interior or exterior of your home with applications such as brick siding, a brick fireplace or a kitchen backsplash.

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Here at Cloud Ceramics we take great pride in our reputation for producing high-quality Architectural products.


Whether you are building a home in rural Kansas, a skyscraper in the heart of Brooklyn, or a school in Houston, Cloud Ceramics has the right brick.

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You will be happy to know the quality and durability of Cloud Ceramics products are unsurpassed by any other brick producer.

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